YOUNG Construction Company provides horizontal boring services throughout the southeastern United States. Also commonly referred to as jack and bore, or auger boring, horizontal boring is the process used when piping needs to be installed under roads, railroads, lake, rivers or other construction areas with limited disruption.

Why Choose YOUNG for Your Projects

Known for our expertise and reliability, YOUNG is often called upon by DOT organizations or heavy civil engineering companies to help complete their transportation or utility projects. Jack and bore is an extremely efficient way to bore under areas that receive heavy traffic or other inaccessible areas, such as roads, railways, creeks, rivers or lakes. Instead of shutting these thoroughfares down, our equipment bores underground tunnels for the required piping with minimal disruption to the public. No traffic headaches, no angry citizens and overall cost savings on project labor.

Our skilled team has decades of experience in the boring industry. At YOUNG, we pride ourselves on our work ethic, our commitment to the companies and municipalities we work for, and our ability to be precise with every project.

What is horizontal boring?

Horizontal auger boring works underground using a rotating head that cuts and bores a tunnel through the ground. Horizontal boring or jack and bore is the method chosen when water lines, sewer lines, or other kinds of piping are needed for municipal and construction projects. Boring cuts through rock, sands and other compact soils, while hydraulics install the pipe. Steel casing is used to support ground structure around the pipe. This support minimizes erosion and ground loss.